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Count on Silver Lane Appraisals when you need to know the value of your property in or around Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County.

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Silver Lane Appraisals is a leading provider of real estate valuations for the following  Southern California counties: Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and Ventura. 

With many years of experience in the business, we have a proven track record of reducing lenders time, efforts and costs in managing the appraisal process.

HOME OWNERS:  We provide quality comprehensive appraisal reports including pertinent market data for taxable property value reduuction.

Providing appraisals for:

  • Primary and Secondary Mortgages
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Tax Evaluation
  • Estate Planning
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Employee Relocation
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Removal

    By always contacting clients within 24hrs of receiving an order; we provide a secure, reliable service to everyone involved.

Competitive rates with: 

  • Short Turn-Around Times
  • Highest Quality Appraisal Reports
  • Online Status Reports
  • Electronic Ordering and Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing

    Through our website, ordering an appraisal is just a click away. Or spend a little time to find out a bit more about the appraisal business. The more you know, the better decision you can make.  

    We look forward to working with you!

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